How long should I wait?

There is this guy... He had a girlfriend who he broke up with a few days ago. To be honest we already hooked up and I didn't think I would mean anything to me. But afterwards, as we became closer friends me feelings started to grow for him, but I never acted on them, because of the girlfriend.

Now that they broke up I really want him to be mine. And yes, it was an awful thing to do to hook up while he was with her. And yes, if he has done it with me, he could do it to me as well. I really don't feel like these comments. I'm not a slut or anything, I just really like this guy and I honestly really think it could be amazing if we ended up together...

Please help me - I'm so confused right now.


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  • You need to walk away.
    He hooked up with another girl (you) in his last relationship; he'll potentially do it to you someday also.

    Walk away

  • You don't have to wait to get things started. You can start hanging out with him pretty much immediately, and save talk of coupling for later.

    • We hang out like a lot, four times a week maybe (we live in a dorm together)... I don't feel like taking the talk with him right now, but I do want him to notice me...

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