She still won't text me or call. Why is she doing this?

I've been talking to this cute girl who is on the basketball team, for 2 and a half months. I like her a lot. she was the one who made the first move though. so we have been getting closer and closer, we've never fought or anything. her parents know about me, and mine know about her, and we have a lot in common because we're both athletes. we have kissed and held hands and stuff, and she called us a couple and I had no problem with that. in fact she called us a couple the last night we were together before our winter break. during the break we texted each other till Christmas, and after Christmas, she wouldn't return my calls or texts. she wouldn't even talk on facebook chat. so I was worried. however she replied to me on twitter and we joked around, but even after that she still wouldn't reply to my texts. she hasn't texted or called for two weeks. and I recently sent her a relationship request on facebook, and she "liked" it but she still won't text me or call, I also know her phone isn't broken, so now I'm confused. can someone help?


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  • In those stages of a steady courtship and the slowish chase for a woman, long breaks make things awkward ESPECIALLY if kept in contact by text. Texting makes things awkward... And long periods of text without voice of face time... Things in the relationship world can be sent back in time. Don't be annoying, but don't give her too much space. Too much space= you're no longer interested but you talk to her because you want something else... Or friendship. Too little= you're a clingy bitch. Find a happy median and try to repair things. Move your tactics back to where you were the second week you were talking.

    that doesn't quite make it, hate to say it... Her interests may have changed. Another suitor? Busy? Harsh winter? Lost interest?


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