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This guy who gets my number off Facebook, asks me to spend a day with him (his bday) a few months ago and then texts me every now and then saying he is thinking about me, and called me every now and then. Anyway, I hadn't heard from him in like 3 weeks, so I sent him a personal message on facebook, and he responded a few days later saying his phone is out of service, he is trying to get a new plan, and he gave me his work cell and said to call him when I get a chance to catch up. Should I? I mean he didn't know me very well before calling/texting me asking to spend his bday with him, and then he sent me texts like I mentioned above, but I did see some funny pics of him and this girl acting stupid/crazy. He used to talk to someone I know and ask where I was and said to tell me hey and stuff. Should I call him or what and what do yall think about this situation?

But what if he was just telling me to call him to just be nice and didn't really mean it? :(


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  • I'm not a fan of Facebook or other cyber relationships to be honest. I wouldn't go 'spend a day' with someone on such a slim book of knowledge.

    Call him and arrange a more informal and 'safe' meeting before going off with him open-ended like that.

    • Um I know him personally. We live in the same town, know e/o through a mutual friend. He just couldn't find a way to contact me so he got my number off facebook, even though I had been around him numerous times before. I have known him for 3 years.

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    • No we went on a date before. He texts me and used to call me some. I see him during the weekends from october-december.

    • Good luck then!

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    I wouldn't hold the pictures of him with a girl ageist him, just give him a shot. Call him and hint that you have an opening in your schedule soon, (and when it is.) He will most likely ask you to hang out on the day you mentioned.

    Then of course you go hang with him and see where it goes!


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  • Call him and see where it goes.

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