Issue with kissing, what to do?

Okay so I have sort of been going out with this guy and we kissed for the first time today (My first time ever) and I just don't know if I did it right I don't want him to be disappointed and I don't want to tell him it was my first time...after kissing only once that today he wanted to again but I told him next time because I was nervous and unsure about whether the first one went you think that he might feel bad because I sort of turned down the other kiss...and what can I do to make it seem like I'm not an amateur at kissing?


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  • i don't think he's going to judge you too much on how you kiss, and have fun learning! if he's a good kisser then learn from him, if not, make it work. bit of a myth about crap kissing... as long as you havn't got your tongue right down his throat the kiss shouldn't be an issue, if your enjoying it, and he's enjoying it then its alright. hey- people don't kiss each other on the basis that they're a good kisser do they? not in this sense anyway. as you get more experienced with it all you'll find it won't be embarrassing to be a novice- it'll be fun! and hey- every person is different so try asking him how he likes to be kissed, then you can kiss him right for him and you don't have to let on your a beginner!


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  • The only way you're going to get better is to practice so try not to worry too much about how good you are. He probably was disappointed you turned down the second kiss because he was obviously looking forward to it! You must have done a good job first time. I find soft, slow open mouthed kissing with limited tongue is the best. Go for it girl :)

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