How to hang out with a guy without leading him on?

i really like this a friend, but I get the feeling he likes me as more. I'm almost 100% sure. I started hanging out with him because he asked me to play pool, but he made it a group thing with other kids we had class with last semester, so I didn't think anything of it. we had a great time, exchanged numbers, texted a little and he invited me out again and again (all group things). One time we went out for drinks (brought a friends), but he was really into talking to me, we danced, and I got a little tipsy, so we cuddled most of the night. but I cuddled with another guy too (his friend) and we were joking about never getting this trashed again and he kinda said something like 'next time we'll have dinner first before we meet these guys for drinks' and I was thinking ' why can't we all go to dinner?' and as we cuddled he said 'i'm not usually this affectionate' and I apologized and went to sit up, but he held me and said 'no, you can be the exception' and we cuddled some more.

but at any rate, he always sends me cute messages and says 'good morning sunshine' to me and I was like...i don't know... but he's so nice and funny, but it's just not clicking with me. I think him being younger and me being totally in love with this other guy might have something to do with the lack of attraction... so how do I have him as a friend, but not confuse him?


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  • if you want to be friends, then just be the passive person, don't initiate anything...some considerations:

    1. laugh with the group, not by yourself in his presence

    2. don't make too much direct eye contact and don't smile if you do, only up to a smirk is okay

    3. don't make any reservations or invitations with him to hang out or do something

    4. be indirect when you talk to him about relational stuff and direct on everything else

    5. maintain the friendship boundary proximity when you're around him


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