Why are women hesitant to just tell guys what they are thinking?

I'm just recently divorced, of which I got little say or choice and thought it was not necessary. Since that time I have had a few casual dates and conversations with other women who are very hesitant to commit to much of anything, including just dinner. My ex now wants to be friends (we get along very well) but even though there are still lots of feelings left there both directions and she wants a relationship (without affection) she will not give me much input. I don't press any of this but find that most guys are willing to just put out there what's in their head and girls won't. I know we're made different for good reasons, but this one stumps me a lot. Thx!


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  • different females have different experiences, and different pasts.

    there is a high chance they have trust issues, they don't want to commit

    to a stranger, I mean, why should they, right?

    dates could cause anxiety, & they could be still hooked on their ex.

    there are many reasons for someone to not commit.

    opening up is hard, females usually don't want to be "THE BITCH".

    they rarely know what they want, and if they're not interested in a guy,

    but he still provides her with attention, chances are.. she'll keep him around.

    females tend to be manipulative & they don't want to hurt feelings.

    We're complicated, and don't open up often, I wouldn't make them commit

    to anything. I personally don't like planning dates, I get anxious, and then there

    are expectations, gah! I would casually ask her if she wanted to go somewhere with me,

    something like, "my moms birthday is coming up and I have to venture to the mall,

    would you like to join me, female advice is always welcome".

    no pressure, and you can take it from there.

    i'm not sure as to if that helped. but good luck with your dating life.

    • I think that is a great reply! very inciteful.

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  • I think its different from everyone. Some girls can open up easily and say what they are thinking without hesitation. Other girls take some time whether its because they really don't know how they feel and aren't sure or they don't want to hurt the other person's feelings or they're just simply scared of opening up to someone and then later getting hurt from it.

    • I think you are right on with that answer. thx!

  • Because often times you couldn't handle it...


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