Boys can be so difficult, what do I do? (long)

I met this guy, we will call him Phil. He was dating this chick who I had no like for. I actually kind of hated her, she was kind of ugly.. not gonna lie. She broke up with him Last Tuesday, they dated for 5 months.

This guy gave me his number so we started talking. That same day (friday) we hung out with my friend and her "bf" and watched a movie. Nothing happened, he dropped me off, whatever. We hung out again Monday and just drove around in his car. Last night he came over and we watched the hangover and we like kissed for 2 minutes in front of my house when he left. When he drove away I texted him and told him how good of a kisser he was. I really want him to be my boyfriend and he knows that but he says he "isn't ready" now, we made plans to hang out tonight and watch a scary movie (so maybe some cuddling :P) but, now he is saying he might have to watch his little brother, if he does.. I think I will be done with him.

What do you all think? Did I fudge up?

oh and by the way, he said he enjoyed the kiss as well.. it just sucks for me, not knowing wtf is going on, it's better that he isn't rushing into a relationship BUT he is kinda leading me on..


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  • He's obviously into you. But he just got out of a relationship. So give it a little more time than usual.


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  • If he's dumb enough not to start something with a chick that's as into him as you are, he deserves it. Whiffing on something handed to you on a silver platter is always sad.


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  • He just got out of a rship, to continue hooking up with him now would be a bad idea for the following reasons:

    a) he could be using you as a rebound

    b) he's still not over his ex and might go back to her

    or c) he could be over dating and rships for now and is not looking for a girlfriend just some fun with no strings attached.

    You didn't stuff up, but make sure you don't chase him at all and avoid hooking up with him. He's only been broken up for just over a week. If he cancels don't feel bad. Give him space to cool down, get over the break up and figure out what he wants to do. It will only be fair to you and save you from heartbreak!