Best way to get back into dating? Do you date multiple people?

I have been divorced for nearly two years now after 10 years of marriage and feel I am ready to start dating again. I have been looking at and found several people I would consider going out with. My question is should I talk to a couple of women at once and date occasionally or only date one at a time for a while then decide how I feel about them? Its been so long since I have dated anyone I think it would be good for me not to "settle" with the first person that I have a good conversation with. But since I have never dated more than one person before, I don't want to seem like a player. Women, how do you feel about a guy dating others and you to see if you hit it off?


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  • with online dating, you have to talk to more than one girl at a time because you might be a match on paper, but lack chemistry in real life.


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  • This is what I did on Match. sent emails and winks to a more then a few. you will get responses from the ones that are interested however some waste time and just play email tag and never want to meet up or call and you gotta remember different info on different girls all the time which can tend to be frustrating. Anyways its a lot of bullsh*t these days women wasted my time on there or was a meal ticket for some or some just never wanted to talk or have fun. Hate to tell you a bad story but yeah just message as many as you like. Good luck to you. I wish I could of said the same.