Why can't she see what's wrong, & why I'm "overreacting"?

I had been with my girlfriend (she's 18, I'm 23) for nearly a year when she broke up with me. We did loads of stuff together in the early months, but in the last few months - with her at college and me at work - we ended up doing much the same most days. But everyday, I would ask her how she was and what she wanted to do. But then like 2 weeks before the break-up, she started ignoring me, not responding me and generally going into her shell.

Then about a week before she broke up with me, she gets in the car after work and tells me that her colleagues think "she's too good for me" and that "her and Guy X would make a great couple". She continued the ignoring me asking her if she was OK and what she wanted to do. But instead of talking to me, she started texting Guy X loads. Even when we were together. Which obviously got me angry. But she told me they were just friends and that I "was her world and she'd never leave me".

A few days later. We were just sat on my bed. She was ignoring me, catching up with TV on the laptop... and probably texting Guy X. Then she started crying, and typing onto Word how she "can't do this anymore" and wants to leave me. Which was really out-of-the-blue. I mean I could see she was unhappy, but why didn't she talk to me so we could work through the problems?

We went for a drive the next day, and she explained to me how - as she wants to join the Army - that she wants some time to be single and have fun. And some other stuff that didn't make sense. Like simple changes we could make just from talking to each other, like not seeing each other so much. We end the drive with me reluctantly agreeing we would just be friends.

She then went away a few days later to visit her Mum. We spoke a few times and she was contemplating giving us a chance again when she got back. But that didn't transpire. She came back. Didn't text me to say she was back safely. Then I find out she's started seeing Guy X outside of work.

So that's only like 2 weeks after breaking up with me, saying she wants to be single, that she is already getting with somebody else! Needless to say this annoyed me a lot. Especially when they started to try and hide it from me, to "stop me getting hurt".

Anyway, she's now in a relationship with this new guy, only 35 days after ditching me. It's not like I did anything wrong to her. I even paid for her car and tax, as she was low on funds (money I'm yet to get back...).

But she keeps telling me that I need to "get over" it and that she doesn't see why I'm made that she broke-up with me, said she wanted to be single, and is now with the guy she was texting when we broke up!

I'm really hoping some girls can shed some light on what is going through her mind? I myself, think she's on the rebound, as she claims he is making her happy, but from what I can see he's not doing anything different to what I was doing...


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  • Some girls are just stupid and like to be treated like crap, she is one of them. To find a guy like you these days who will ask how you are and like you for you is like finding a needle in the hay. Honestly she's not worth it, let her do whatever she wants, there's no point in thinking about "what is going on in her mind". She's not going to come back its obvious so just forget about her, and start dating other girls who will appreciate you.


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  • My ex did exactly the same thing. He kept ignoring me before we brokeup and coming up with excuses not to see me. Instead of talking about it. Then I got dumped.

  • I feel that either she is really confused about what she wants in a realationship or she just doesn't realize what she is losing out on and unfortunately you just have to try and move on.


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