My girlfriend loves me but rarely texts back?

OK so I liked this one girl I asked for her number and got to know her. So then I started to fall for her before she even did for me, right now it's been 3weeks since we dated, and now she hardly talks or texts me... I usually end up texting her first and it's been passed 2days after my first text. What should I do?


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  • Maybe she wants you to talk to her in person more or call her. I know, personally, I love it when guys actually take the time to call me or go out of their way to see me in person. If you guys are dating, like you said, then just let her know that it sort of bothers you that she rarely returns your texts. I'm actually dating a guy right now that's sort of in her shoes, so I know what you mean. It's really upsetting and aggravating.


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