Should I text him or will that be desperate or an I just rebounding?

So I met this guy like 5 years ago through mutual friends and was immediately attracted to him. I had a boyfriend at the time but we were breaking up all the time. I kissed the new guy behind my ex's back and I really liked him. My ex and I broke up and I lost touch with the guy we will call Marcus I just recently got out of a long rocky 3 year relationship ... Like I broke up with this ex 4 days b4 Marcus friend requests me on facebook out of the blue. We start chatting and my feeling come back stronger than ever. We exchanged messages over a few days and I'm my last message I gave him my number and told him he could text me. He replied and at the end of his message he included his number and said to call whenever. That was 2days ago and I haven't heard from him and tonight he deleted his facebook( he just created it when he friended me) I don't know if 1. Am I rushing into something so quickly after a breakup ? 2. Since he was last to message should I be the first to text. I've already hinted I liked him and we flirted in our messages. And 3. Does he even like me ... He's had my number for 2 days but hasn't texted me. And I don't see him around our only communication is digital I am 27 I think he's 28.


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  • It's early to say, but probably he's either not interested or he is slightly interested.

    I can tell you that many men, when they're really interested, have a hard time staying away from someone they're very interested in. It's honestly a struggle for us because we don't want to come across a desperate/needy/weak.

    That said...while it's still too early to be sure, you'll soon have your answer. If you are not out on a date with this guy in the next few days. Then he's not seriously interested. That doesn't mean you won't hear from him. In fact, you probably will. Unless a guy actually is in a relationship - often they continue to keep women they're not serious with around for perhaps casual sex. It's not that they're trying to be cruel (even though it's completely selfish), but people (both sexes) enjoy sex and most men have little problem finding any way to get it. So if someone they're not too crazy about is available...they might keep that olive branch extended for selfish reasons...that is, until they find someone that rocks their world and they can't be without.

    Are you the one that rocks his world? You'll soon know. If he's not taking you out very soon...then the answer is no.


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