Why do they always fizzle?

i had this guy that I dated back in april-june. I'm not quite sure if he chatted on me or not while we dated but, he ended up breaking things off with me after my friends bitched him out for being a d*** to me. since then we've been on and off like every few months he'll start talking to me again and we'll hang out and then he'll just stop talking to me again. it's like he talks to me when he wants me around and then I guess he finds something better. I dunno. I stopped being the one to first contact, so whenever we talk it's him. I did text him once when I was drunk say hey and he responded but I never sent anything back. I haven't talked to him for like a month now, since the last time we hung out. but ever since we first officially broke up in June I haven't been able to get over him and every other guy I find that I sorta like it always seems to fizzle. it's like all the boys I've had since him either just want a hook up, or we'll hang out a few times and theyll just stop talking to me or it'll just fizzle out. I can't figure out why. and part of me wishes I could get over this boy, but I can't. and every guy I've had since him the one's I actually have liked I've always liked because their personalities are like his or they do something like him. I don't know what to do... /:

i can't figure out why the new ones always fizzle though /:


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  • Why go back to a relationship with a guy that didn't treat you the right way. you should just try to forget him and maybe date someone who doesn't remind you of him. good luck

  • Hmm well you'll find someone eventually. sorry that they fizzle out.


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