Who would you rather date?

classic question!

So. Girl 1-

looks- brown skinned, long wavy brown hair, gorgeous blue eyes with an orange ring around the iris. long, thin legs, flat stomach. most people who know her say she's gorgeous! normal size lips, clear skin. she's 17 and 5'5'', not a virgin, B cup

personality- works pretty hard at school, wants to go to university for maybe science or business. she can be kind of vague sometimes and avoid certain things, sometimes undependable. she can be crazy fun, but can sometimes hang out with some smokers. can be shy, but sometimes outgoing. loves tennis and piano, has a job at a coffee store.

Girl 2-

looks- very long, curly (sometimes straightened), very blond hair, big bright blue eyes. long arms, long legs, VERY muscular since she figure skates, very toned legs, arms, butt, abs (but not bodybuilder size obvi). very full lips, clear skin. she's 17, 5'8'', a virgin (but has experience), C cup.

personality- works very very hard at school, 95+ average in AP classes. wants to go to med school. she can be controlling at times and impatient. very good sense of humor, lots of fun, generally confident/outgoing. loves figure skating and piano. has a job as a skating coach for little kids.

post comments please!

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So far girl2 has more votes, 7:2
8:2 now.

lets get more votes!


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  • Ouch that's a tough one a girl in a business suit is really attractive, while a girl only aiming for nursing isn't but if that girl is aiming at doctor, surgeon, or specialist it's really up there on the admiration scale.

    Big plus for being a virgin, because I'm one looking for the right person to share mine with and hopefully the rest of my life with the person who I give mine to. Being an experienced technical virgin that cheapens the whole thought, making it a bit of a wasted after thought and is definitely a negative sadly. The idea was to learn and make mistakes together with the one person you truly love, not try this with this guy and that with that guy over there.

    Shy is a plus and outgoing is a negative to me, a shy person re-energizes by themselves, give them time alone with their book or hobby and they'll be good as new, while an outgoing person re-energizes by being surrounded by people at bars, clubs, parties.

    I'll think about it a while longer before I vote.

    • Girl 2 wants to be a surgeon , has had one semi-serious boyfriend. Girl A has had multiple.

      thanks for the thoughtful comment!

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  • I chose girl 2, thinking back to when I was in high school. I am a self confessed nerd so I need to have a smart girl who I can have intelligent conversations with.

  • I chose Girl 2 cause she just knows what she wants. She sounds a lot like my girlfriend except the height.

  • I honestly say neither. I'm having a hard time trying to pick one even for the sake of the question.

    • just curious, what about them makes you say neither?

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    • woah harsh! controlling and impatient on rare occasions. I don't see the immediate connection to bitchy either.

      let me guess, you like 'curvy girls?'

      sorry didn't want to come across as defensive, just curious

    • Yep ha ha I do. link like that girl or link the girl in the middle and right.

  • 6-0 (girl votes don't count!)

    • oh OK lol. do you know why girl 2 has such an advantage?

  • I picked girl 2 as she doesn't hang out with smokers and isn't undependable plus...

    She has bigger breasts, lips and is a virgin!

    PS I prefer brunettes to blondes too ;)


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