Feel like I'm an afterthought to him? please answer!

background info: we're both 18 and students in the same city. We were going out for three months but then we broke up cause we had a drunken argument one night and I kissed another guy.

(Neither of us have been completely faithful)

when we broke up I couldn't remember kissing this other guy but his friends saw me and named their pub quiz team name after me pulling someone else and that's how he (and i) found out.

Anyway we're back together after a month and tonight just comes to mine has a shower then basically leaves to see his friends.

Then I ask him if he's going this party on sat which we were both invited to and he is,

and I just said to him that I wanna go but the girl who I despise (who was the main person in naming the quiz team name) will be there, then he says absolute nothing doesn't even persuade me to go but says he'll stay at mine after, then I go quiet and he kept asking what's wrong.

But I felt stupid so wouldn't tell him. I just feel like an afterthought to him... I don't know if I can go on like this?


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  • Yes sadly it seems like you we're the afterthought

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