She really IS allowed to date but doesn't because she isn't ready. Where is this going?

Okay so lets take it from the top I suppose... I took interest in this girl -- a junior, I myself am a freshman -- and asked her out. she said no because her parents wouldn't let her date. I of course primarily called BS on that excuse, but she seemed to take an interest. We started texting a lot and at school we would hang out at lunch and at extra-curricular activities. We shared an after school swing-dancing club and we started to get extremely flirty in there. In fact... before I even asked her out we would hold hands for extended periods of time and fiddle thumbs while doing so (in other words, it wasn't emotionless like you might hold hands with a girl for a play or something). So anyways... She starts teasing me by kissing me on the cheek whenever we would be alone. One day we actually kissed (not french kiss, just normal) and I got the feeling like she really did like me but actually couldn't date. That same night we went to see the chronicles of narnia (B/c she hates scary movies) and we held hands and cuddled the entire time. The next day I try to arrange a date on the weekend and she suggests that I come over. I do and she is extremely flirty. she would kiss my cheek and hold hands ever 2 seconds. We eventually started watching a movie after which we made out. I'm hard pressed to say a girl who made out with me doesn't like me. So afterwords I get back to my house. a couple days later she says that that night we spent together at her house made her realize she wasn't ready for another relationship. she just got out of a year long relationship with some douche bag who proposed to her then just started ignoring the Sh** out of her whenever she moved away. I'm pretty sure he only liked her because she is pretty, what other reason does a guy tell his fiancee to eff off? so anyways... after a long Christmas break of confusion I finally return to school. We are just like normal, and in fact we now share a class. For whatever reason they put her in college prep comp with me. Which is awesome, and we hold hands every day and today she was especially flirty. We were on the computers and she would repeatedly type "I love you" or "Te Amo" whenever I would type in a website in the URL. she would hold my hands over they keyboard while doing so.

Now, this whole deal is supposed to be on the down low. Nobody at school knows we like each other except my best friends and hers. Now recently one of our mutual male friends (who has also taken an interest in her) said that she told him she really IS allowed to date but doesn't because she isn't ready. Now I have no problem with her not being ready, but I do with her making up that excuse (if he is indeed telling the truth.) I inquired about her telling the truth and she said she was and that if I didn't beleive her to ask her mom. So before I run out of characters, what is she looking for in me? she swears I'm not a rebound, but that's what I seems like atm. Do I just go along with it for now?


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  • Well hun,I think that she's really into you.I have trust issues myself and have been hurt...she may just be protecting herself from unwanted heartache.You need to straightup tell her that you'd never do anything to hurt her.NEVER, just show her you care.Everyone says high school is when you're supposed to be in like major player status and live it up because you have a long life ahead of you,but personally I think that you never know if there's going to be a 2mrw.I want my high school sweetheart.I love long term relationships. Anyways hun, Follow your heart just be chill. Hope this helps!


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