Is it rational for a friend to stop communicating just because you are dating an old flame of theirs?

A few months I was contacted through Facebook a woman I knew 30 years ago. She was trying to locate one of my old buddies. She was one of his old girlfriends, from about 25 years ago. We ended up combining efforts and located the old buddy married for the 3rd time with 3 kids.

I learned this woman, "old flame" was divorced and was a hottie back in the day. So I started calling her and texting her and after 2 months I boarded a plane and went to see her.

We had so many stories. I dated her best friend and we had common friends. Very easy. We also had some awesome sex and she blew me away with her appetite for it. We've been seeing each other now for a few months and it's wonderful.

Now during this time, the old buddy knows I am seeing his old girlfriend, and he has stopped communicating with us. Do you think it's rational for a married man with three kids to discontinue communicating with his old friends just because I am seeing a girlfriend he dated 25 years ago?


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  • i would say no but you did f*** up. I would not talk you either if you were not like my best friend or something. some things don't need to be said like don't f*** my chicks bro jerk.

    • Yeah, but if he is married for like 25 years and she is not. Would you still consider her one of your chicks?

    • nope still a jerk lol! Its OK lol I'm a homewrecker. I tell myself never do date a chick whos got something going on but it happends so f*** it. lol I'm partly being factitious about being a jerk , but you will always be a jerk to your buddy. Your a good friend lololololol

  • This question, in connection your picture, made me crack up. LOL!

    • Just a coincidence. Good observation.

    • Thanks, and LOL, I was assuming it was a coincidence. That wasn't actually the old flame you were referring to.