Have you ever showed up late for a date?

Have you ever showed up late for a date? I was meeting a girl on a first date and she showed up 5-10 minutes late. She nervously accepted the date so part of me thought she wouldn't show. Usually I would say 5-10 minutes isn't a big deal, but she lives less than 10 minutes away. Does this show disinterest on her part? She's stalling on a second date and I am wondering if I was doomed from the beginning.


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  • Nahh... I don't think it was on purpose. Maybe she was just running late. You don't know the story behind it. If she really didn't want to go, she would have canceled. I think your okay for now. Just text her and see what she's up to. Casually ask her to something small, see how she responds.

    If you get really lost, just flat out ask her. "I really like you, and I just don't know if you do too. If you don't I'm not mad I just want to know how you feel." If she's still iffy about it, give it some time and see if it works itself out.

    If she can't make a decision, I'd back off. Maybe its not meant to be.

    Good luck(:

    • When would you suggest sending her a text? I don't want to be too desperate. At this point, its been almost a week since I asked her out and she said she had to check her schedule. Doesn't sound good does it. I'm not the type to ask out girls every week (or month of year for that matter) though, so I kind of want to make sure this one is really not interested before I have to summon up the courage to ask out another girl.

    • Just to add to my last comment, I don't want to be too desperate but I don't want to make her think I'm playing a game either. A friend thought that she was just nervous and blurted out anything not to be on the spot, and she's hoping I ask again. He suggested I should wait to make her the worried one. But I just want to play it down the middle cause I don't know how she really feels. it's just I don't know where the middle is.

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  • Girls have this thing about never being on time. they are "fashionably late" because they are getting ready to see you. If she's going to be over 10 minutes late, she will prob text you and tell you. if she didn't want to go on the date, being late wouldn't help her out at all. its just making it last longer. so I wouldn't take it as disinterest.

  • She could be nervous, that might have made her late.

    • Maybe. I guess being nervous makes you do unusual things. I showed up ten minutes early and I only live five minutes away. She didn't show much emotion, which I thought was disinterest but could have been nervousness.

    • That could have definitely been nerves.

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