Do I wait for him or what?

so this boy who I've been on and off with since April texted me 2 days ago when we hadn't talked for a month. he was saying he still wanted to see me and and everything but didn't wanna date at this moment but still wanted to like hook up and stuff. ( we don't have sex) I wasn't agreeing at first because I didn't want to just hook up with him because I have feelings for him but then I got tired of going back and fourth so I replied to him saying "okay fine whatever we can hook up as long as I know there are no feelings behind it and it's just hooking up." and he was like "there are some feelings behind it. and we can talk everyday, it's just if we wanted too we would hook up." and I was like "we don't have to talk everyday" and he said "we don't have too but I want too." so then he texted me yesterday and the convo was kinda dead so I didn't reply to his last text that said I dunno. before I went to bed I texted him saying "hiiii I just wanted to said good night." and he replied back saying, "haha. gooooooodniiiiighhhttt (:"

what do I do now? should I wait for him to text me first today? I just don't want to make it seem like I'm all about him and stuff and I want to kinda like have him come after me this time around. do you think he'll text me today if I don't? or if not today soon?


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  • Definitely text him. Trust me on this. Just by that last text, you can tell he likes you, and in reality both guys and girls want the other person to text them first because it makes you feel like the other person really wants to talk to you, and isn't just replying to be nice. I've had plenty of girls that like me text me first and even if I don't like them, it makes me feel good about myself. If he's a stubborn guy (like me) then he won't text you for awhile to see if you text first because that's what he wants. Don't say anything too serious, just an innocent "good morning :)" or "hey what's up". Just something simple like that should be enough.


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