Have you ever dated someone you initially did not like at all or you thought was weird?

Have you ever dated, liked, and eventually fall in love with someone who you couldn't stand or thought was weird. If so how did the change of heart happen and what were the circumstances surrounding the transformation?


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  • I have definitely done this. One fo the guys I dated for a while, I originally hated and thought he was a jerk because of some of the things he said to me. But it turned out, he was just being awkward because he liked me and once I really got to know him and started to talk to him, I changed my mind.

    Another time this happened to me was the guy I just broke up with. I know him through school and a couple of years ago, if you would have ever told me I would've dated him, I wouldve laughed in your face. But that's just because I was being judgemental. I didn't like him, but there wasn't an actual legitimate reason, and I didn't like his personality and thought he was really weird. But then I was the one that changed. My personality changed a lot over the last couple of years, and then we had a lot in common. And I ended up liking him a lot and dating him. SO I think this situation could definitely happen becasue people change and first impressions aren't always right.


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