Why give a wrong number?

I recently met a guy over an online dating site.We have messaged each other for about 4 days.He told me if I wanted to call him,so I agreed...he gave me his number and then I texted and it turns out to be a wrong number.

So should I tell him he shouldn't be giving out wrong numbers or should I just leave it alone?


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  • Qustions to ask youself...

    Do you both still talk onlinedating?

    Has he made attempts to message you online wondering what's going on with you.(wondering why you haven't contacted him)?

    Has he just left you alone?

    Has he blocked you on this online dating site?

    Honestly id have to say if its an online dating site, you could aways message him seeing if he did it on purpose. If he did, then F***K him. Its an online dating site! NEXT! Move onto the next person. Ya know...


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