Girls how do you like to be kissed?

Does anyone care if you lean your head to the left/right or move tongue slowly/quickly or like to be lightly held/pulled close and where do you like hands? I know people like different stuff because some girls have gotten quite angry when I've done what another girl wants.


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  • i love when a guy is able to kiss without tongue! to many guys rely on the tongue when really I see it as a toy that you can occasionally use, you don't NEED it to kiss lol

    when guys use there tongue and they don't know what they are doing that when you get lazy tongue, sloppyness, and too wet, which basically all revolve around the same meaning.

    as of being help a kiss like a moment is always, and should always be different. sometimes I love being held intesly! like right before the fun stuff lol.

    other times, I enjoy being kissed lightly, the gentlest touch can take my breath away!

    • That is a lot to think about when I would be otherwise be busy do you actually think about all of this?

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  • Close. Slow. Soft tongue now & then.My head to the right. And his. My hands anywhere. His on my cheeks. Or holding hands. Or wherever, too. I like the cheek feel, though.

    A kiss would be nice right now.

  • I like to be held closely. It doesn't matter which side my head is leaned to. I like it to be passionate and I like tongue. Hands ...well it depends on how well I know the guy, where we are etc.

  • For me, I love when a guy is gentle. I hate sloppiness! lol

    • what is "slopiness" for you

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    • I will thank you lol

    • welcome, have fun!

  • If were in private then close contact and his hands can be on my legs or waist or bum and slow kissing then slowly open each others mouth and a little tongues and so on.

  • no tounge. lean to the right, hands on ma waist, soft .

  • Like you said, girls' preferences differ.

    But personally, as long as a kiss isn't too wet, it's all good.

    I like being held close as opposed to being held lightly, though.

    Something about a guy being too gentle in a situation like that sort of irritates me. xD

    • "too wet" what is that? and the holding close thing was the prob, I did and she wasn't happy about it said to back off and it was just an unpleasant experiance for everybody

    • I dunno. Some guys somehow manage to get way to much spit involved. It's gross.

    • Seems impossible and disgusting but thanks for the imput

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