He won't stop calling & texting me...

Well.. Here's the story: I've been together with this guy for more than a year. He even lived with me and my family for a short time because he didn't have an apartment. We always had fights because of other women since he's a very handsome man and I felt like he always needed this kind of confirmation. He did a photoshoot with another woman and told me about if after he did it. Then I found emails he wrote to a girl he knew from back in the days. Then I started being distant and I was doing my thing and my life and he ended up trying out drugs one night and he kissed another girl. The girl wanted to continue but he stopped it. He was trying to also blame it on me because I was really cold to him when he did it. I really WAS cold but that's not an excuse for his behaviour. Anyways, his ex girlfriend contacted him and he lied about it to me. And then - the last big thing - I was listening to music on his phone when he got a text message from another girl. I confronted him and he told me that he hooked up with her. After this story I broke up with him and he left to go work in another country (he already planned this while we were still together. I told him that our relationship's not strong enough for this and even though I'm a flight attendant and I could visit him all the time I told him that this won't work out). So he left but kept on calling and texting me. I ignored his messages for a while but every once in a while I still replied or picked up the phone when he called. It's been over 3 months that he left now and I basically got contacted by him almost every day ever since he left. He just won't give up. I tried it all. I was nice, I was mean, I was direct, I was cold, I didn't reply ... But he still doesn't wanna give up. He even got on a flight to come over to see me. It's hard for me because I still love him and I'm just trying to be strong and don't listen to my heart but when somebody keeps on telling you that he loves you and wants to get back with you it's hard to stay strong. I just don't know what to think. Because in the past he only proved me wrong every time I thought he might have changed. Did he really change now or why would he still fight for our relationship 3 months after we broke up? Why would he continue texting and calling me when I ignore him for weeks? I simply don't know what to do or what to hink. I wish I could just fly over and see him but my head says: No. He hurt you in the past. You don't want this to happen to you again. What do you think I should do?

Oh I forgot to add that he actually tries to make me believe that he DiDN'T sleep with this other girl who texted him. He says that he did this intentionally because he wanted to see how strong our relationship is before he left. I mean WTH?!


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  • Go ahead and change your number and ignore him he's kinda scary