Not his trophy girl?

I met a guy 4 years ago and we became online friends. I'm now dating him 4 years later. Through the internet it was indicated that he thought I was really gorgeous. But at our initial meeting he looked a little disappointed but not disgusted or anything. We've been dating 4 months and its quite obvious he really loves me. He's always either with me or talking to me. But I just know I'm not the 10 he thought more like a 6.

How do I get the f*** over it. I mean he does love me. I feel like a deceived him but NONE of my online pics are tweaked. Advice?


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  • Keep at it. You're not his cover model, but he's sticking around, so there has to be something to you.


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  • Well most girls do that. they feel self conscious, " think why is he with me?"

    I think you are over thinking it, because if he is not what you had expected you to be,

    he would had bought it to your attention by now.

    If you still have doubts then you can just ask him, because who knows what it can do to your realtionship in the long run.

  • They only thing I can say is you you Love him?

    • thats obvious otherwise I wouldn't care about not being his trophy