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I just turned 17 and I have never kissed/made out. I feel so dumb because everyone around me has and I just feel so prude. I'm not unattractive and I CAN get a boyfriend. but I'm not the relationship type of a person. anyway..this guy is interested in me and I actually want to be with him...buttttt WTFFFF am I supposed to do when we're about to kiss and stuff. I knoww, iknoww. I should talk to him about it and tell him ..blah blah blah. but I don't want to haha


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  • lol. I feel ya. It can be very nerve wracking to talk about this stuff, especially if you've never done it before. I think the best possible thing you can do is before you kiss, or in that time frame, just tell him that you've never kissed anyone. That will do a couple of things for you: He'll want to kiss you even more and he will help you a lot more as opposed to him just going for it assuming you know what you're doing.

    I went through this a couple of nights ago. I was a girls first kiss and I knew she wanted to kiss me, so I went to kiss her and she said that she had never kissed anyone before and she didn't know what to do. She was really nervous and it made me smile. Now she's great at it ;)

    Down to actually how to kiss. When you're first starting out, don't use any tongue. Kissing isn't tough at all, and it's kind of hard to explain with words, much easier to show with lips :P. You've kissed you're mom, or dad, or little kids on the cheeks before, it's sort of like that. Just purse your lips and press them against his. Don't be so stiff about it though, it's supposed to be a natural loose act. If he's any sort of a decent kisser and a good guy, he'll be understanding about it and will help you out. But trust me, if you tell him, he will be understanding about it and before you know it, you should be a pro :)


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  • Yes, you should talk to him about it! Guys are more open to talking about things like that then you think. He won't care. If anything he'll be happy to show you.

    • are you sure? ha ha I just feel so dumb! lol

    • Yes, I'm sure! Don't feel dumb. He'll think it's cute that you want to talk to him about it, trust me.

    • ahh. okkk. thanks :)

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  • trust me we all been there and we all tryed it on the back of are hands...what just me? OK but the fact is you won't learn until you try so just try tho start with a peck OK don't rush into things

  • Just go for his lips it's feels completely normal.


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