How to get myself a boyfriend when im generally a shy person?

Or at least a date..

Im a freshman in college. Back in then, I've had suitors and secret admirers. Guys who aren't my boyfriends give me gifts on valentines, holiday, and sometimes even on normal days, and have received gifts from anonymous guys (or girls?). Long story short I've never had a boyfriend because im too shy and i also thought i was too young to be in a relationship, but for the record, im in good terms with all those guys atm.. and most of them are in happy relationships now too and im happy for them. Some guys (im not that close with) have confessed feelings to me too but I don't know i still didn't go through with it even though one of them was my type.

I want to get out there now but I don't know where to start.. i feel like it was way easy to make friends and meet guys back then but now im even more awkward than before. Im more of an ambivert type of person (but leaning towards an introvert more). (I think) i look decent enough, i take care of myself and i smell fine lol, i dress nice, and is friendly but only when people talk to me first (told you im shy🙃). How do i get out of this by not making myself too uncomfortable?
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Also, i dont know why but im not very open to online dating sites and such. So thats not really an option for me..
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Back then*
How to get myself a boyfriend when im generally a shy person?
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