How do I ask this guy to hook up some time?

I really, really want to hook up with this guy in my Chemistry class - I have a really strong physical attraction to him - and he told me I was "way hot" once, so how do I tell him I want to hook up sometime? (But I'm seriously not interested in a relationship?)


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  • Do it through texting. It's the easiest way.

    Start off with a normal conversation ('What's up? Etc etc) Then work you're way into complimenting his appearance ('You're so cute" etc). Then say something like, 'your girlfriend is so lucky that she gets to hook up with a hot guy like you all the time'. Hopefully he'll respond with something like "I don't have a girlfriend so.". You get the rest. Just remember to keep the compliments all on his physical attributes. If you say 'you're so nice' or something like that, then he could think you're interested in something more than a hookup.

    You could also just straight up ask him. What have you got to lose?

    He's a dude, so I'm guessing he'll be game. Especially if the physical attraction is mutual like you said.


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