I would love to understand?

So me and my have have begun to send flirty messages back and forth. She invited me out for a drink a couple of times I rejected. Now recently I have changed my mind as I would really like to get back with her. I told her it would be fine, made plans and she wants to bring a friend along. I am confused I don't want ot hang out with her and her friend. I want her lol. What to do? I wold rather not see her then see her with her friends?



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  • she might be trying to ease into you two being friends after your relationship so she's bringing her friend as a buffer (assuming its another girl). she may be testing the waters and trying to avoid the awkwardness that happens when you see an ex for the first time. if you want her back you'll have to hang with them both at least to see what's up. she might bring her friend to analyze what you want from her as well. hope that makes sense:)


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