We broke up but he still wants to hang out, what's going on?

The decision to split was basically mutual, but he still wants to hang out. Is he just trying to hook up? Does he want to be "just friends"? Or does he want to get back together?

Guys, when you break up with a girl and it's mutual, would you want to be friends? He asked me to go to a party together, see a movie, etc. Would you just be hoping it would end in no-strings-attached sex?


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  • he probably wants to hang out with you, have fun (aka sex), and keep his options open.

    whether or not you stay friends depends on the people involved, and the situation.

    with some girls, might like them a lot (great personality, great person, great sex, etc), but I see that we can't ever have a long term relationship because of whatever else is wrong.

    but there isn't anything wrong with staying friends and hooking up (if you both want to), while waiting for other people to come along in our lives.

  • its never mutual. try it see where it goes be prepared. I'm going to guess he wants you in some capacity maybe more then sex maybe he just wants to try to reconnect. Guys usually don't just want to be just friends in any situation.


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