Should I ask my best friends to spy on me and my date?

I met this really cute waiter one day while at a restaurant with some of my friends. Eventually we started talking and now we are going on a date. I'm a bit nervous, because I've only known him for a little over a month, but he seems like a very sweet guy.

I'm tempted to ask my friends to keep an eye on us from a faraway distance, because I'd feel more at peace and most likely won't be so nervous and destroy our date by an accident. I'm just not sure if its a good move or not though...he seems pretty shy also and might feel even more nervous if he just happens to see my friends stalking us too (but hopefully that won't happen).


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  • Do girls do this often? Is this because you think he might be a creep or a serial killer?


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  • go for it! actually the first time I went on a date with a guy that I met online my best friend came with me! the guy was completely OK with that too! even if your friend doesn't go with you let her know where you are going to be... this is a little tip for precautions!