Can I ask him to stop talking with and looking for people on online dating site?

I am planning to meet a guy I met online and have been talking to over the phone to for a few weeks. He seems very interested and has been doing nearly all of the calling in the times we've talked. So I've gone online to the site where we met to check and see if he's still active on it, and sure enough, he is either on the site at the time I check it, or he's been on it within the last 24 hours. Should I care? We haven't met yet, but this feels sketchy to me that he's still so actively looking...What should I do?


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  • In the past month I have gone out with 3 guys from an online site. Each one I talked to for a week beforehand, we had great chemistry via email, text and phone but when we met up it was like the 3 little pigs. One guy wasn't into me, I wasn't into one guy and the last wasn't relationship material.

    You never know until you meet in person what the deal really is. If you put that request out there and then realized that YOU didn't feel a spark... then what? What if he doesn't feel the it? If you're both not into it? Don't make any demands yet. If you get together and everything goes well, I'm sure you won't even need to ask.

  • You haven't met him, you haven't dated, and he's not committed to you. Until you both agree to be in a serious relationship, it'd be really weird to ask him to date you exclusively and to take down his site. You really can't even be sure if you really even like this guy until you meet him. I would look around the site too. Why settle on the first guy you have a great connection with? Who knows? You might find someone even better.

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