Having a first date with a French girl soon. Tips!

I recently met a really gorgeous French exchange student at a bar near my school. She seems attracted to me so far. I have no prior experience with a French girl, so I want to know the tendencies of French girls. What's the "right" approach for a typical French girl? White American girls seem to enjoy playing mind games and latina girls seem to like guys who are direct and shower them with compliments. How about French girls?


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  • I'm french so I can give you a few tips.

    - Like any other girls french girls like men who are gentlemen. They will expect you to pay for everything when you two go out on dates.

    - Also, you want to act very friendly around them, showering them with compliments is not a good thing because they will think you are not sincere, however giving a few compliments is good.

    - Be fun, maker her do things she's never done before. If she is an exchange students, take her to places she doesn't know.

    - Show her you are not playing games with her mind but don't be too desperate.

    French girls are not that different from other girls so don't stress things out.

    Good luck!


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  • Women are all the same the world over. Attraction isn't about what you're doing or saying, it's about who you're "being" and how she FEELS when she's with you.

    And the easiest way to help her to FEEL attraction and interest is by being authentic, fun, sincere, playful, and interesting.

    And if you can't be interesting, then at least be interested.

    Don't make "the date" about you telling her how much you like her, or trying to convince her to like you. Women hate that. Instead make your time with her interesting and fun FOR YOU.

    Cause if you're having fun, then she'll become infected with your mood.

    But if you're feeling nervous and worried and over analytical, she'll become infected with that mood too.

    So only worry about yourself and every one wins!

    ~ Robby

    P.S. French girls are awesome.

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