After hooking up, what if a girl doesn't text back?

I hooked up with this girl last weekend and I got her number. I texted her and she replied a couple of times, but when I said Last weekend was pretty fun, we should do it again I got no reply. Does this mean that she is now not interested even though her friend told me that weekend he was interested in me. What does this mean? P.S. No one was drunk

Its not like it was just a hook up either, we were at a house and she like cuddled a lot with me and we spoke foor like 2 hrs before talking


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  • sorry but if she were interested I'm 98% sure she'd definitely text back. unless she's playing hard to get...but that is SO unlikely and no girl that I know would be playing hard to get at this point. Maybe she found something out about you that she didn't like, maybe there's another guy who she's decided to pursue instead, any way you slice it unless she texts back/calls, she's not feeling it. I know how much it sucks to think you and another person have a connection, just to find out that now they aren't interested...the best thing to do is just forget about her and move on.


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  • call her! otherwie give her time

  • not interested. sorry babes

    • Make another answer based on that update I put please :)

    • she might be confused then, she might be dealing with her feelings and trying to sort them about. Just give her a little while to get ahold of herself then try to go some where with her

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