He stopped calling and just emailing me, what sup?

I met a guy online, we went back forth with emails then we started talking on the phone, it was going well, then I suggested we meet up and we settled on day but no place he said we could iron out the details the next day, the next day came and he kept emailing me, but never called me, then he did the same thing up until the day we were suppose to meet then he sends an emailing stating he was broke something about owing money.

I was like look if you're not interested fine I don't want to waste my time and he's like yeah we'll meet and gives a day. Then he calls me the day after we were suppose to meet and really doesn't explain what was going on with him and tries to play it off like everything was light and breezy. What the hell is his problem, let me know so I can filter out dudes like out.


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  • A guy canceled a first date with me before, on the day with a lame excuse. He eventually admitted his reason was a lie (when we had been dating for 4 months), and said he got too nervous.

    Maybe its the same thing, he loses his nerve, and that's why he reverts to e-mailing not calling.

    • Maybe hat could be it, maybe not.

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