Which guy? One that claims he loves me, or one I've been waiting for? Guys and Girls opinions needed please!!

Mmkay. So I'm trying to decide between these two guys and it's really difficult.

The first guy is this guy in my grade, and he's told me he's liked me since last summer. I've always been really close with him because we kind of grew up together and we're neighbors. We always flirt and he's amazingly sweet to me. He even got me this gorgeous necklace for Christmas which I simply adore. Last friday, he was seriously considering asking me out. Practically everyone knew except for me. He had asked so many people their opinions and stressed about it. He had told a bunch of people that he loves me. Eventually, my best friend talked him out of it and he didn't ask me out.

And there's guy number two, let's call him Dylan. I've really liked him for about two years now. He is absolutely perfect. <3 I met him through a friend and we've been pretty close ever since. He always recommends we "hang out" more often and does every little thing to be closer to me. He remembers my favorite drink, preferred candy, and everything else. He also has this weird quirk where he finds every imperfection of you and then touches or strokes it. Things llike scars and quirks you didn't know you had. He's amazing and great and everything. The only problem is he won't admit he likes me. My friend asked him and he just said "it's complicated". I think he's still getting over a messed up ex-girlfriend and that's why he won't say anything.

Any opinions, suggestions, comments? Thanks! (:


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  • Wow, it sounds complicated. Either decision may result in the loss of a close friend, so this is a something only you can decide.

    From your post I can tell you are attached to both of them; however, I can also tell that you like Dylan more, and are probably only returning the first guy's affection because he's so into you (or because you're polite and you're good friends). I know it sounds harsh of me to say this, but Dylan is the only one you actually compliment directly. You say that the first guy is "amazingly sweet to [you]," but go on for a bit about Dylan's skills directly, etc. (Okay, I think I officially just rambled.)

    But that's just an evaluation of your word choice, which is just that: nothing more, nothing less. It might peer into the depths of your psyche, maybe not. This is a choice between what you have and what you would like to have. The first guy loves you, but you love (or at least really like) Dylan.

    Don't rush it; the one you are meant to have will come to you eventually.

    • don't worry, I find your rambling quite helpful actually. :) I'm not rushing, nor was I think about rushing it, but I was wondering if I should ask out dylan or just wait and see what happens?

    • I would ask him, but don't take too long.

    • mmkay, thanks so much! (:

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  • I'm not gonna comment on the two guys, cause really that one has to be all you. However, as a person who has been in the situation the two guys are in (being considered), it's pretty hard to just be waiting for someone to make a decision like that. Try and make your decision quickly even if you don't want to cause you have to remember that you come out ahead no matter what decision you make but the longer that you wait the more you're hurting the guy who you don't pick. And that amount of time and hurt probably impacts whether or not he wants to stay close (in a friend way) to you while he watches you date some other guy. Just things to keep in mind.

  • aww your in a toughy girlie I like guy number two but the other guy seems to really like you and if he does than he should step up. you should really take action and come up with straight up questions for them like ...Do you see us going anywhere? do you like me like that? etc.if you don't get answers then it looks like you'll have to wait it out and see who makes the first move.

    • yeah, I like number two too (: and should I risk stepping up? I don't want it to ruin our friendship :(

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      That question is closed, the asker responded to your comments a couple of times asking you to stop leaving comments. Just thought I'd let you know

    • just casually bring it up if he doesn't catch it then let it be if its ment to happen then it will if not then realize you have your whole life to worry bout guys plenty of time

  • first of all why did you're friend talk him out of it?

    and well which one do YOU like more :)
    cause they both like you...but YOU seem more interested in this dylan person :)
    well what do you think is best?
    very close almost best friend that loves you
    or very close sweet fun guy friend :) which sounds more appealing to you? :)

    • my friend talked him out of it because she thought I would say no. and yes, dylan is much more appealing to me. I just don't know what to do because "it's complicated", but I don't even see how it's complicated. /:

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    • you're absolutely right.

    • i say go with the dylan guy. you like him...you can't always think of the other persons feelings

  • Well, I'm sorry but one of the best options is to go with your gut. But font get with guy one because everyone expects you too, you should put yourself in the equation. will you be happy with him? Wig Dylan it sounds like you like him as more than a friend bu maybe, on slim chance, you might be infraturated with him? :/ or you could ignore them and "discover" yourself first. Hope I helped.

    Answer mine plz: should I do more than flirt with a player?

    • "should I do more than flirt with a player?" I went out with a guy who was known as a "player" once. he was incredibly loving but rushed things. I thought he had changed, but I was wrong. I broke up with him because he ended up cheating on me. so I guess it just depends on the guy.

  • welll it seems like you like the second guy more, and if you choose him it would break the first guys heart

  • do what heart tells u

  • I had the same problem! But its only a decision you can make cause its your feelings! I can tell you seem to like "Dylan" more though from the way you talk about him! He may take longer to get though because of the ex-girlfriend.