How long does it take for you to get over a relationship?

For the guys how long does it take for you to really get over your girlfriend or past relationship? Does it depend on how long you were in a relationship?How soon would you start dating again?

I agree if you truly love someone you never get over them


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  • I'm a special case. I'm a romantic with a sharp memory. I don't forget hardly anything. I've had a bad crush for more than two years. A breakup takes me a year, but I'm never really over it.

    • What about the rebound relationships? Have you ever dated someone new as soon as you got out of your relationship?

    • I've never been so lucky. But yeah, I'm open to it.

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  • A rebound would help. But it still might take a month to move forward.

  • If you truly truly love someone you never can fully get over them. That's life if you can honestly get over them them you were never in love. I know ill always love my ex.


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