Scared I will have nothing in common or to talk about?

OK so I have a crush on a co-worker... but the thing is my hobbies involve video games... and well video games.

I'd like to try asking her out on a date, but I think with my current hobby and sedentary life style we might not have much to talk about or much we'd like to do together.

and no I will not find a different girl that has my hobbies, or change my own hobbies. I shouldn't have too, should i?


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  • There is always something to talk about, just let it come naturally. If all else fails, play the favorites game, women love that game. Just name certain things, like color, food, song, etc & tell her to pick her favorite which might be red, popcorn, Bad Romance, etc.

    I know this is pretty random, but do you think the guy who wrote this question is a lunatic?



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  • Similar hobbies are not what hold two people together. Having common values, perspectives on things, outlooks on life, etc are things that make people compatible. As well as being able to carry a conversation, laugh, and throw in a bit of chemistry it all comes natural!

    • thank you! but that last part... I'm not sure I can carry a conversation if there's not much to talk about between me and her because we don't got much in common you know? lol

    • You don't know how much you have in common w someone until you TALK about things. You can just assume that because she doesn't play videogames that means you wil have nothing to talk about.

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  • I'm going through the same difficult at this exact moment.. My advice: Not everything you talk about has to be a hobby.. Maybe you guys talk about stories from the past or prefer to talk about goals for school.. Albeit maybe you guys talk about new ideas or otherwise..

    P.s. Lots of humans like to talk about themselves first and foremost, but not for conceited reasons. Think about it? What do we know the most about? Ourselves! Plus, if you listen and show that your interested in her life, it'll do lots of benefits:

    1) You'll get an idea for what she's like and what her interests are

    2) She'll see that you are interested but without it coming across "needy or desperate"

    3) She'll feel more comfortable because she can talk about a subject she knows lots about


    Additionally, don't think for a second that you can't add something else in your routine.. You may like videogames a lot, but my mindset is that "videogames" as your SOLE hobby is going to be a deal breaker.. Maybe add in an outdoor activity or something you can do at a desk (drawing / writing music / writing poetry / etc) .. Mix it up and be well rounded ;)

    Hope the info helps, let me know if you need more questions answered

    ~ ArtistBBoy

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