He can't feel anything and everyone tells us we should be together?

He's my best friend. He hit a point where he stopped feeling attracted to anyone or anything.

everybody at uni says that we look cute together, and those who know we are not dating always ask me "why don't you guys date, you'll make a great couple"...

so I'm kinda confused, and don't know what to do, how to react, what tell those who thing we should be together, since he's bot the only one with a "feelings" problem.. I also have a problem.. I don't know how how feel anymore, not about him, but about lots of things!


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  • could he be asexual?

    • well actually, we both kinda are asexuals. bute bare in mind that this not an obstacle for any of us to go out there and date ppl

    • how do you define asexual?