Has anyone ever dated a Mexican girl from Mexico? I'm wanting to date her and I want to know the drawbacks...

On her MySpace page it says she is from Mexico. Does that mean she has a green card? What would be the problems if she is? I like her like crazy.


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  • I've never dated a girl from mexico but I've dated a man from there. First of all, make sure she actually does has some documentation saying she can be here legally. I was told my ex had his and I stupidly just believed him and it turns out he didn't. Didn't find that out until he was being held by immigration and couldn't be released. Believe me, it's better to findout now then have your heart broken later when they're deported. If she really does have the green card though, everything will be good.

  • Well I am dating a Mexican guy from Mexico. The only problems are that I rarely get to see him in person and it's a little hard to communicate since I speak spanish less than fluently, it should work out fine if you like each other


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