Guy or Girl's house first?

Okay. So I'm wondering - My ex girlfriend was more over me than I was to her and kept inviting me over but I never liked her at the same level, so I said no because I didn't want us to make a mistake as good friends.

Anyways, I now have a new girlfriend whom I do like more :) And I was wondering, we're both living with our parents and in school, but does she come to my house first, or do I wait for her to invite me?

And who organises all the dates. I want to know the social etiquette from your viewpoint, not mine(and I'm male) :)


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  • Well for me I go to my girlfriend's house a lot because my parents don't know about her yet and even if they did, and I'm not exaggerating, there is NO privacy in my house. Hell, even my own computer I built with my own hands was forced to be in the living room for all to hear and see. The living room is viewable from the kitchen and dining room areas. I wouldn't invite her over due to these things but if she wanted to I don't have much of a choice, I would just be annoyed that I wouldn't be able to do anything with her...per se just putting my arm around her because my parents would flip out.

    I think it is good to alternate between going to each others' house but if only one's persons house is available then give reasons why (eg. privacy issues).

    As for organizing dates, it is usually the guy who asks the girl if she wants to do something or hang out but I think it really depends on both of your schedules. My girlfriend's schedule is kinda messy and even though I only get to see her once a week on a weekend, it get's crowded up with other plans she has so I have to ask her what her plans are first and how she wants to agree on a date.

    Good Luck!

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