Guys, what would you be thinking of if you said you needed time to think about whether you wanted to start dating someone?

A guy I confessed feelings to said he needed time to think about it, what would you be thinking about?


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  • How to nicely turn you down. If a guy feels the same for you or wants to date you, there's no need to "think about it."
    He probably does not want to hurt your feelings, or he's processing what you said. Either way, just leave him be for now. Hopefully things will work out!

    • 5d

      Thank you for your answer! I am leaving him be, it's complicated as we were friends with benefits for 8 months and I caught feelings, said I couldn't continue so we either have to see what happens or block each other and move on, I'm prepared for either outcome:)

    • 5d

      Oh no, that makes it worse! He probably doesn't want to hurt you because he likes having a friends with benefits, but does not want a relationship, blah.

      I hope it works out, but more than likely, he's going to ask to stay just friends with benefits and nothing more for now

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