How overcome this?

Me and my boyfriend both have bad anxiety wen we meet up we always have few drinks it takes edge off we see each other 2 times a week
I really want start meeting up sober just sitting watching films but we always end up drinking ano it's his nerves but I want more I want cost nights in just normal stuff
Plus his brother lives with him so we never really get any time alone except for in bed but he's still in the house and sometimes when I'm down he's there the whole time so we never get time just us to talk
I. dint know how to approach the problems without seeming like I'm nagging or making him more anxious
What could I do I love him just want us be happy


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  • I don't know how bad your anxiety is, but maybe you guys can meet in person, meet for 'x' amount of time and build up? If super bad, maybe video call first and then go from there?


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