How to get past the first few dates?

Long story short I decided to raise my standards and change my approach to dating since my break up from an abusive relationship a few months ago.
The thing is, I go on dates with these women and I try to spend quality time instead of just the plain old sharing a drink since I don't have much time right now (eg : ice skating, light painting, playin table tennis or billard in some bar or dinner) but after the first, second or third date even though I like their personality and ideas and etc, even though I find them good looking, I feel no attraction nor lust toward these women, and they don't either, even though at first we were talking a lot via text and they seemed really into me.
It's just that it feels meh.
I also changed the way I approach dating, I do not get sexual about anything, no innuendo or teasing, I share bills, I'm not trying to kiss them on the first date and as a result I usually don't feel anything special, I feel like I'm wasting time.
What am I doing wrong? It really sucks.


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  • Keep your head up. And keep pushing


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  • Well man maybe "I do not get sexual about anything, no innuendo or teasing," is the problem. Why aren't you? You just don't want to?

    • 3d

      Don't want to. It only got me with crazy ass bitches so far.

    • 3d

      Then I don't think you can solve this problem at present. That kind of stuff is what leads to sexual tension.

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