Is he my Boyfriend? Is it too earliy to ask to be his girlfriend? Help!

we met on an online dating service a month ago.

First emailed, then texted and phone calls.

then met for the first time last week.

We have texted every single day since we met online. Text about two hours each morning before work. Throughout the day as time permits. Then three to five hours every night. Sometimes all night.

We talk about everything. Asked a million questions. Both gave and received honest and dirrect answers.

There is no dening the stronge attraction we both have..

The day we finally met was fabulous!

We ended up kissing, holding hands and some mild gropping.. But we were having a very hard time of not doing more.

We have both been hurt before and are scared. So we agreed to take things slow.. We've spoke about him maybe moving here if things go right. ( we live 150 miles apart).

latley, we started sexting each other and speaking very very intimate details to each other..

I told him I can't have sex till I am sure and he agreed. When we met he says he is not 100% sure about everything yet, but what's to keep moving forward. We both agreed foreward would be something that could lead to a marriage in the future..

so, I'm having trouble figuring out what we are exactly.. We are dating in a matter of speaking. Niether of us are seeing anyone else.

trueth is- I'm falling in love with this guy hard!

we agreed not to rush thing and take it slow and build something with a solid base.

is it too soon to asked to be his girlfriend?

do I wait for him to ask?

am I rushing things?


I've met his roommate and a co-worker. He says he told his friends that we have been talking and I am someone who is changing his mind about the possibility of falling in love again and finding happiness.


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  • Do you have to label it? Just enjoy it and don't overthink things.


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  • Yea, it's way to early to ask him if your his girlfriend, and you would be pushing it and rushing it. If anything, sounds to me like you are just dating.

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