Girl I was dating ends relationship what do I do?

I started dating a co-worker (I know its not ideal). She was new to the company (right out of college) I worked there for two years since I graduated. I asked her to sit with me at lunch, after a couple months we started hanging outside of work in a way that hinted at dating.. A month or two later I kissed her at a concert, and we were "officially dating". People naturally start talking at work since we sit together, but we kept it fairly discrete (not posting to social media or openly talking about it at work). I wanted to take it slow since it was a work thing and she had just gotten out of a relationship (she moved from out of state back to her home state where we are) they ended it because she was moving. She kept getting messages from him on snapchat and calls from him when we were together, but brushed it off as him being a stalker. People at work eventually gossiped about us and asked us about it after a few company bar crawls, but nothing we couldn't officially brush off as being friends (we got dropped off at her place since both of us were too drunk to drive). Things progressed slowly, we slept together for the first time, and I gave her a painting a couple weeks later that I made for her by hand. Three days later we planned a night out and she sent me a text saying she wasn't emotionally ready for a relationship, and never wanted to hang out outside of work again. After a few more weeks she's started avoiding me at lunch and won't really talk to me or text or tell me why. I can't for the life of me understand why this is happening... (her ex? work? something i did?). I've given her space aside from asking to get food after work as friends one or two times over a month. I would love to get back together but don't want to push her away either, and being a work situation makes it tough... is there any good approach without coming off as desperate or pushy?


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  • I think there's a really good chance she has feelings for her ex, and he wants to get back together with her.

    I would just keep it civil at work and keep your distance. There's nothing you can do at this point, and you shouldn't beat yourself up about it. She's clearly not ready for a relationship. I would respect that and go on with my life. Date other girls.. That's the fastest way in my opinion to move on, besides leaving the company, but only if you really want to

    And next time, think twice about date a coworker until after one of you leaves, cause shit like this is bound to happen and is not only emotionally risky but professionally. Best of luck!

  • Move on

  • Her ex, a freind's advice, rapped...
    It happens sadly only she knows and will tell you.

    Just tell her how you feel. After that write letters to her telling her everything. Then burn it.


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