I matched with this pretty attractive girl on tinder that goes to the same college as me but I don’t know where to bring her or what to do?

please HELP


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  • Calm down, relax. Lol
    Her going to the same school with you is actually a big plus!

    Ask her if one day you two can meet up at the campus cafeteria, student union, or anywhere on campus to grab a bite to eat and just chat. Heck even a study date and meet up at a coffee shop!

    When you meet up, discuss your majors, classes, professors, plans for the semester.

    If you feel a connection, ask her out again, this time somewhere off campus, like a movie or out dancing.

    There you go. Good luck~

  • Try to ask her what her interests are! Figure out something that she would like as well as yourself :) goodluck!


What Guys Said 3

  • When it comes to tinder, the best type of dates are short dates, so go for coffee, or for some drinks at night if your plan is just sex.
    Chances are that you're just 1 among dozens she's matched with, so don't spend much money or time on her the first time you meet her.

  • Coffee date, go have a nice 1 on 1 for no more than a hour, if you make a connection you ask her on a 2nd date

  • Ask her out girls on tinder go with any guys l would never use that dirty tinder


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