Why hasn't he called me yet?

So there is this guy in gym and I was working out and he came up to m and asked me if I went to so and so high school and I told him yea I did...He said yea he remember seeing me and he left my old high school when I was 12 and he was 14 or 15...i'm 19 now and he's 21 ...so a few times from then we saw each other and just said hi and a wave and that's it...but I think he;s cute...so one day at gym I mustered the courage and handed him my number... and he hasn't text or call the day I gave him the #..so I thought maybe I made him feel weird and he wouldn't talk to me or try to avoid speaking but yesterday in gym which has a lot of mirrors I caught him looking at me a lot while I was doing my thing or when I took breaks...and then I went downstairs to get something to drink and he was coming upstairs and said " hey, hey wh'zzp?" and I just said "hey" and I went downstairs thinking it was a normal say hi and go your way thing ...but since he said hi wh'zzp , maybe he doesn't feel weird that I give him my number...but I'm wondering why he has't called or text me it's been two days since I gave him my #...usually guys in my country would call already or text me or ask me out...like what's up with this guy?


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  • umm maybe he has girlfriend or you can wait up for few more days and see

    • yea maybe I should idk...guys usually call the same day I gave them my # or at least text

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    • yea I hope he does call...but if he doesn't at least I respect him for not avoiding or stop saying hi to me...shows he's mature a bit...but kinda weird if he would act like I never gave him my # and keeps tellin me hi lol

    • i meant its loss for him if he doesn't contact you ... just keep doing your thing you may bump into another cute guy soon

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  • haha he just doesn't want to come off as desparate like most guys which is completely normal, he could also be very nervous and not know what to talk about on the phone with you, or like internet guy said he could very well have a girlfriend. be patient girl calm yourself


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