Would you find the time if you REALLY liked a girl?

The guy I like got into some trouble back in May (not bad trouble, actually it was bad trouble. but not drug related or anything scary like that)

Basically, he's a good guy that made a stupid, 21-year-old-boy mistake. But he's owning up to it.

The court hasn't officially assigned him community service. At least, I don't think so.

Anyway, so every weekend since his court date (Which was in like June or so?), he has been doing community service ALL weekend.

He still goes out but he always goes home early so he can wake up the next morning and do community service. again.

The court is trying to give him 90 days in jail (yeah, almost 5 months later and they still won't stop trying) so he's been trying to get in as many hours as he can.

Anyway, if you really liked a girl, would you still somehow find time in your weekend to see her at least once?

Or am I asking too much of him?

(We can't see each other during the week because I have work & school and he has work and other obligations)

Thanks for the answers :) Should I tell him that I'm willing to wait and give him time? Or should I just back off for awhile?


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  • i think you are. no offense but he's trying to keep his ass outta jail while keeping up a social life. don't pressure him and wait it out to see if he's gonna be worth datting. he screwed up, might do it again


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  • You need to be patient. If he mucks this community service up he will end up in jail so that's all he is focusing on. Ok so he is still going out at weekends but that's probably to relax for a few hours before he gotta go back to community service. He may really like you but he isn't in a relationship with you at the moment and has real big things going on now he needs 100% concentration on so best thing for you to do is just be there if he needs ya or wants ya but wait untill everything in blown over and things calm down.

    • There is no need to tell him or even back off unless your torturing him to make time to see you at the weekend. Talk to him as usual when you do and still be good friends with him but just keep it in your own mind that your waitin for the right time for your relationship to start which will be when everything is sorted out with his community service

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