When is it acceptable for me to call him?

i've only been dating a guy for about 2-3 weeks now, but we've gone on several dates and have amazing chemistry. During these first several weeks I let him do the pursuing and calling...i didn't wanna seem anxious or be the one pursuing. so he's been great about things, he calls every 2-3 days and last week I saw him about 3 days out of the week...i was just wondering what I could do to step it up a notch though. I'd like to start hearing from him at least every other day instead of every 2-3 days, so should I start calling him, or just let things keep going the way they are and see where they go?


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    It was acceptable to call him straight away! If people were more honest things would work out the way they want more. Communication people! It doesn't happen if you won't talk to someone!


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  • First of all there's no reason why you shouldn't be pursuing him. It's a stupid assumption/social rule we have now that only guys initiate things. And I think you have No right to make him do all the calling. That's completely rude, and not to mention you're just putting him in a position where he wonders just how much you actually like him. How often do girls complain about guys who stop calling or something. Well how the hell do they feel when they're expected to maintain the relationship all on their own? Can't feel good, I can tell you that. Can't feel like their loved or cared about or appreciated. Must feel like their pulling at strings trying to get you closer. So man up, drop the stupid gender roles and give him a call. If you really like him then you should seem like you do an initiate the contact. I promise you he'll like it, and he'll think it's sexy, or at the very least be happy that you cared to call and that he's not the only one trying here.

    • gender roles are still existent, believe it or not. I understand making a man feel wanted too but I'm sure he already knows I'm interested by how we interact with one another when we go out. it is still important to let a man pursue in the beginning. I've met so many men that are turned off by a woman coming off too strong or being the one that pursues initially. later on in the relationship, when things progress, then calling / going out can become a mutual act

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    • of course, I could be wrong. well the last time I saw/heard from him was monday, we hung out all day. so I guess if I don't hear from him today, I'll try to give him a call tomorrow.

    • You can call him with out sounding desperate. If he doesn't call for two days, just send him a text, or call him. If you'er worried I think that's a nice mix of not pursuing but also keeping things moving.