How much is too much texting?

So this girl who I already posted a question about is on my mind. Obviously. I was wondering what you ladies thought about texting. How often should I text her? What could I talk about? Is it still not allowed to ask her out on a text? What are some things you say to get out of texting or drop the conversation?

Now I have only started texting her recently and I don't really know her very well.

Well thank you for your advice but I was turned down. I imagine I would have been from day one but thank you all anyways!


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  • ok 1st off: DO NOT ask her out via text message...thats so impersonal and messages have no personality so something can be taken out of context. so its always safer to do it in person...and sweeter :)

    And about how often should you text her; you definitely don't want to text her too much because then she'll think you're clingy. A message every other day, saying hey, what are you up to is totally fine. But you shouldn't always have to be the one who initiates the conversation, you give her time to text you too and that way you'll know she wants to talk to as much as you want to talk to her.

  • personally, I don't like it when guys text too much. its impersonal. if its something casual then texting is fine, but if you're asking a girl out on a date, a phone call is definitely the best way to go. I don't think I would reply back to a guy that just texted me and never called.


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