There is this girl that I like so much it seemed like she liked me....

So there is this girl that I like so much it seemed like she liked me to so like last week I sent her a message that I liker her and she said ( I think we should just be friends and I have a boyfriend) she said more but to long to type. So after that I never texted her or anything it was like a week then she sent me a text saying hey how are things so I texted her back told her how things were but she texted me because she was worried because I was not replying to any texts that her friend was sending me.

but anyway after we were texting back and forth I asked her this (I'm not saying its going to happen but if you ever do brake up with Ur boyfriend can we just go out 1 time) then she said (I dunno.. I don't see us breaking up .. But we"ll see if that happens..

I was also wondering since she is like 1000 miles away and she will be back feb 18th, should I text her happy valentine`s day? or don`t message her


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  • She's got a boyfriend... She might just like the fact that another guy likes her, and she's probably getting a big head knowing it.. Why would you want to date someone who is unsure and who is more than likely being 'fishy' behind her boyfriends back? I mean, think if the tables were turned and you were the boyfriend and she was flirting with other guys like she is with you? You would never trust her because you KNOW...not trying at all to put your or her down, but that's just how it usually works...


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  • She's made you her "go to guy" if she ever needs a guy to feel good. Way to go... get away from her. Fast.